About us

About Us

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our services. We believe that a buyer should trust that the mattress they purchase will provide all the comforts and quality as advertised. For this primary reason, we undertake to test and review mattresses in the market to help the average customer decide when purchasing. All reviews posted on this site are unsolicited and, above all, unbiased in both opinion and fact. It’s our responsibility to tell you the truth, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

And since many of our readers don’t have the time or the means to test every mattress in the market to find the right one, they can rely on us to conduct these tests for them. Every review posted on our site is entirely honest. We pick a product in the market that may interest our readers based on manufacturers’ prevailing market trends and advertisements. We then put the product through extensive tests, noting all the good, bad, and ugly ones to give rise to the truth.

Every review is detailed, not just in information about the product but also in the quality and service the customer can expect from the product. Is it as comfortable as the advertisement says it is? What features make it a great, durable mattress? What features will hinder its effectiveness? How accurate are the manufacturer’s advertising? All these factors are addressed in our reviews, making them one of the best product reviews in the business.

And we also go above and beyond, collecting customer feedback on the products that we review or intend to review. The feedback is then shared with manufacturers to help them make changes to their products to make them more appealing to the customer. In this way, we improve the quality of the designed and made mattresses and get buyers to value for their money.

We don’t discriminate. We attempt to review all types of mattresses, from high-end products to more affordable ones. And the reviews are all structured to provide similar information regardless of the manufacturer, price, and type of mattress. We focus on the features the average buyer is looking for. These include quality, effectiveness, durability, value for money, and many more. By reading one of our reviews, we hope a prospective buyer who comes in with a particular mattress in mind will find complete information on it. Our goal is to provide information the manufacturer may have neglected to provide, even deliberately left out.

On the other hand, we serve the manufacturers by not just ensuring the visibility of their products, although this may not be our primary function, but also by rating their products. Our honest, transparent reviews reward a manufacturer who values quality and delivers on its promise. They also help them make their products better, correctly respond to the market and improve their products to meet demand.

Our goal is to help customers find the right products for their needs. That’s why our reviews offer an unsolicited opinion of the products in the market. If a product is the best we’ve ever seen, we’ll let you know why. But we’ll also tell you why you should stay away from a particular mattress and the reasons why.