Lady Americana Mattress Review of 2018 & Buying Guide

Lady Americana is, as the name suggests, an American company with the mission of providing comfortable and durable mattresses at affordable prices.  According to a sleep study published in The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in 2002, a bedding system by Lady Americana reduced 22 test subjects’ chronic shoulder, back, and spine pain by over 50% in each arena—and improved their quality of sleep by over 50%, as well.*

How does a study conducted 15 years ago translate to modern standards?  Will today’s mattresses provide that same level of relief for your aches, pains, tossing, and turning?  Our buyer’s guide will explore what makes Lady Americana unique, answer common consumer questions, and features our picks from this brand.



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How long has Lady Americana been around?  Have they adapted to today’s market?

Founded in Oklahoma in 1982, Lady Americana has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings.  

Originally specializing in traditional innerspring models—the standard of pre-memory-foam days, and actually still the preferred mattress type among consumers today—Lady Americana now offers improved designs that utilize both the support of springs, as well as the comfort and stability of foam inserts and high-quality materials, from cashmere to bamboo.

What makes Lady Americana different from other mattress manufacturers?

At first glance, the models offered by Lady Americana don’t appear very different from other manufacturers of innerspring mattresses.  

Closer observation, though, reveals an attention to detail and quality that other brands simply don’t offer.

Lady Americana Reniorqm

Lady Americana Reniorqm

Their current lines—the Elite models, and the Lady Americana collection—feature ventilated foams, patented spring technologies, and cashmere covers quilted with bamboo fibers.  

The results are mattresses that not only look incredible, but feel even better.  The company prides itself on luxury and quality, and doesn’t believe you should pay an arm and leg to get a good night’s rest.

While you can certainly find other companies with this same attention to detail and scrutiny over its materials, you’ll be hard-pressed to find models in the same price range as the Lady Americana collections.

These cost more than I tend to spend on mattresses.  Is it worth the price?

Lady Americana Zoe Hybrid

Lady Americana Zoe Hybrid

As the company explains, no mattress is a “one size fits all” solution: only the consumer can decide if a mattress will work for their unique wants and needs, as well as their partner’s preferences and requirements.

Their prices are, overall, at the higher end of affordable—and only you’ll know if it’s worth that cost.

Personally, we believe Lady Americana’s design details, luxury materials, and innovative extras (individually wrapped coils, for instance, that make their innerspring models so stable and cozy) justify spending a little more than those bargain brand mattresses.

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While paying a high price doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive high quality, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Lady Americana: their prices accurately reflect the quality of their materials and construction.  In other words, you’re paying for those details you won’t receive from most lower-priced options.  Whether or not these will suit your needs and desires is a question that, ultimately, only you can answer.

How can I ensure my mattress will last a long time, to make the most of the cost?

Experts (as well as the Lady Americana website!) recommend, first, choosing the right mattress for you and your partner.  

Stomach sleepers tend to require firm surfaces; side sleepers, soft; and back sleepers, a mid-range softness.  It’s also a matter of preference, since some people just can’t sleep on certain mattresses—even if, on paper, it’s the best one for their sleeping position.

Lady Americana Arial

Lady Americana Arial

Other factors to consider include your age, health, possible allergies, and whether you sleep alone or with your partner.  Sometimes, couples have to choose models that aren’t perfect for themselves, but just compatible enough for both partners to get restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Apart from that, there are several tips to keep any mattress in good shape and extend its lifespan:

  • Don’t replace based on age alone.  High-quality mattresses will last longer than those made of subpar materials, or constructed with low standards.  Instead of counting the years, evaluate how well you sleep on the current mattress.  Has its quality declined noticeably?  Do any areas sag, sink, or put undue pressure on your joints?
  • Make sure your bed is appropriate for your mattress.  While innersprings can use slatted bases and box springs without any issue, foam models need solid bases.  The right bed frame will keep your mattress from sagging and distorting itself as the years go on.
  • Use your bed less.  No, we’re not talking about cutting back on sleep (nor abstaining from…ahem, certain activities one enjoys in bed).  If you frequently watch television or read for hours before sleeping, or after you wake up in the morning, you’ll wear down the bed more quickly.  This is doubly true for people who use their bed instead of a couch in their home.
  • Use a mattress protector, if it doesn’t come with one.  This keeps out the oils and sweat from your skin, which can slowly break down the inner materials of your bed.  It also safeguards against allergens and unwanted odors.
  • Wash your bedding weekly (or biweekly, at the least).  Crumbs, dead skin, loose hair, and sweat are just a few of the nasty things our day-to-day lives leave behind in our beds, and need to be removed regularly to avoid bacteria growth or dust accumulation.
  • Flip regularly, if possible.  Some mattresses, such as those with the built-in pillow or foam tops, can only be rotated.  Anywhere from two to six times a year is ideal.  If you or your partner are larger individuals, rotate/flip the mattress more often to discourage sinking.
  • Vacuum monthly, and clean as needed (based on manufacturer’s instructions).

Top 4 Lady Americana Mattress Reviews

1. Lady Americana Renoir Review

Lady Americana Reniorqm

Though part of their Bronze collection and no longer manufactured, the Renoir model is still sold online and in brick-and-mortar stores.  It offers the same encased coils design as Lady Americana’s current mattresses, along with a stable base and detailed, elegant stitching.


  • check
    Durable, eco-friendly materials combine with trademark cashmere cover for conscious design without sacrificing comfort.
  • check
    Wrapped coils offer stability and softness; has excellent motion separation (the ability of one partner to move, toss, and turn without disturbing the other)
  • check
    Being an older model, the Renoir line is deeply discounted.
  • check
    Innerspring design means better ventilation; good for hot sleepers.


  • Firmer than more recent models, making it suitable for stomach sleepers.  Might not be ideal for all back sleepers, or side sleepers.
  • Not equipped with current technologies such as aerated foam; traditional batting is still comfortable, but doesn’t provide ideal pressure point relief.

If you want to experience the luxury and stable spring design Lady Americana has to offer, but can’t afford their current lines, the Renoir is an affordable substitution.

Take note, however, that it is missing the features most people are looking for nowadays, such as comfort foam layers and cooling gels/aeration.

2. Lady Americana Zoe Hybrid Review

Lady Americana Zoe Hybrid

For anyone in need of innerspring support and extreme softness of memory foam, the Zoe model is worth every penny.  Featuring mesh and cashmere covers, gel-infused foam, and wrapped coils, this mattress promises a cool night’s sleep and contouring comfort.


  • check
    2″ gel memory foam and 2″ transition (higher-density) foam over encased innerspring base; medium firmness makes this suitable for all sleeping positions.  Best for stomach, back, or combination sleepers.
  • check
    Quilted cashmere cover is soft and luxurious, with mesh spacer fabric underneath to promote breathability.
  • check
    Steel perimeter reinforces shape and discourages “side sinking” common of foam and hybrid models.


  • Steeper price than some models, but still affordable for a hybrid.

Hybrids truly offer the best of both worlds: the stability and support of innerspring, but the contouring comfort and pressure point relief of memory foam.  The design has higher ventilation than standard foam models.

Consider the Zoe mattress if you want the attention to detail and quality Lady Americana is known for, but the benefits of other hybrids at the top of the industry.

3. Lady Americana Arial Review

Lady Americana Arial

The Arial line is an all-foam model from Lady Americana, ideal for side sleepers and anyone in need of a very soft mattress.  It still has ample support and high motion separation, as well as the detail-oriented design of other mattresses in the Elite collection.


  • check
    1″ gel-infused foam, 1″ standard memory foam, and 5.5″ latex base foam with open-channel design, for ventilation comparable to innerspring bases.
  • check
    Silk and wool cover combines cozy luxury with moisture wicking and natural resistance to bacteria, dust, and allergens.
  • check
    Comparable to the company’s hotel and hospitality collections.
  • check
    Modern quilted design to accommodate thicker foam top (as opposed to intricate quilting on standard models with less top padding/firmer feel).


  • Higher price puts it out of some budget ranges.
  • Open-channel latex base might not provide high enough ventilation for hot sleepers, but will run cooler than dense foam mattresses.

4. Lady Americana Greco Review

The Greco model goes back to basics: innerspring design and tufted button quilting, like you’d find on pre-memory-foam mattresses.  Rest assured, though: it doesn’t skimp on modern comforts.  With foam-encased springs and patented Coolmax foam batting, it has softness, support, and effective body heat dispersal.


  • check
    Traditional design with modern technology.
  • check
    High motion separation between partners.
  • check
    Firmer comfort, ideal for stomach and back sleepers.
  • check
    Another slightly older model that, while no longer manufactured, is still under warranty and can be purchased at an attractive discount.


  • Does not feature memory foam, which allows for a cooler sleeping surface, but might not have the give some buyers prefer.
  • Not suitable for side sleepers.

As another budget-friendly option, the Greco gives durable support for those who prefer a firmer mattress and would rather skip the memory-foam craze of late.  It contains just enough cushion to contour spines and hips, which makes it better for those who don’t sleep on their sides.  Avoid if you prefer very soft mattresses; this model would require additional pillow tops.

To Conclude

Lady Americana is a classic brand in every way—including the fact it’s much easier to track down in traditional stores and showrooms than online.  Luxury materials come at an affordable cost, and buyers will enjoy the attention to detail: elegant stitching, modified spring designs, and beautiful executions of old-meets-new.  Whether you prefer all-foam, hybrid, or innerspring models, Lady Americana offers a mattress to suit your preferences and needs.

This all-American company can be found in hotels across the country and even internationally, from Marriot to Holiday Inn, and even the Amway Grand Plaza.  The best part?  Those same suite-worthy features that make it a hospitality favorite are also found in their consumer models, so customers can sleep like they’re on vacation, every night.

Note: The study performed by The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics was partially supported by the Lady Americana company.  Consumers should use these results at their discretion.  Please visit to read the study in full.