HOXURY Hybrid Mattress-Memory Foam in All Size

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Sleep in luxury: hoxury queen hybrid mattress – memory foam & pocket coils innerspring in all sizes, delivers pressure relief and cooler, more restful sleep – your dream bed in a box!”

Experience Unmatched Comfort and Support: Discover a new level of comfort with the Hoxury hybrid mattress. This mattress is the perfect combination of plush memory foam and resilient independent pocket coils. It offers the ideal medium-firm feel, providing superb comfort and ample support. Say goodbye to painful pressure points on your body and hello to the best sleep experience of your life.

Undisturbed, Peaceful Sleep: Enjoy uninterrupted sleep with our motion-isolating design. The individually wrapped coils move independently, offering targeted support and minimizing motion transfer between partners. No more disruptions during the night, just pure, undisturbed rest.

Breathable and Comfortable: Our premium innerspring mattress features a breathable knitting fabric cover that helps dissipate body heat, allowing for proper airflow and moisture release. Beneath the surface, pocket springs enhance overall airflow, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable sleep environment.

Convenient Bed in a Box: The Hoxury queen-size hybrid mattress is delivered straight to your doorstep, rolled and compressed in a box for easy shipping. Setting up your new mattress is a breeze – simply unseal it and let it inflate for approximately 72 hours to achieve full expansion. These mattresses are compatible with various bed frames, including box springs, foundations, slatted bases, flat platform beds, or even the floor.

Buy with Confidence: Your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why all Hoxury mattresses come with a generous 10-year warranty and round-the-clock customer service. If you ever encounter any issues or have suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Plus, if you find yourself unsatisfied with our mattress, rest easy knowing you’re eligible for a full refund within 100 days from the date of receipt. Purchase your mattress with confidence from Hoxury and experience the ultimate in restful sleep.


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